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Homemade unique Jewelry

I live and breathe jewelry and I'm excited to help you find the perfect handcrafted piece to complete your own special look. 


In my Seattle area studio, I personally create each piece of jewelry using a variety of materials, with a particular focus in metals and stones. I primarily work in silver, but also some base metals such as copper and bronze and many of the stones I set are ones I have cut and polished myself. I enjoy designing unique pieces, shaping metal, soldering, wire weaving, and enameling. 


I am originally from Montana, so you'll see some Big Sky Country influences in my work, particularly in my copper pieces. My father, uncle, and grandfather were all carpenters, so I’ve always appreciated the fine details of craftsmanship and the importance of good quality tools.  Now that my kids are grown, I can often be found traveling the world with my husband, which has also proved incredibly inspirational to the jewelry I create - I've enameled images of elephants we saw in South Africa onto pendants and collected interesting stones from various far flung destinations that I’ve shaped and mounted in some of my pieces. Also an avid gardener, roses and other flowers are featured prominently in my designs. I truly believe that adding just the right piece of jewelry finishes off a look and makes the wearer feel extra beautiful, so I aim to create pieces that will allow your inner confidence to shine through. 




I use metalsmithing techniques to set stones, most of which I cut and polish myself using lapidary tools.  I often use a hydraulic press to create intricate designs helping to keep alive a method born of the industrial revolution. In addition to my work with traditional metalsmithing, I hold various credentials in the metal clay arena, including one as an Art Clay Silver Certifying Senior Instructor.  I am constantly learning and experimenting, and there is no end to the many techniques I employ in my studio.  I can’t wait to see what I try next!

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