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Bedrock Rose jewelry is handmade using a multitude of techniques.  I use traditional metalsmithing methods, beginning with the recycling of sterling silver, melting it into a molten liquid state and then pouring into an ingot mold which then gets rolled into silver sheet.  From there the silver may find its way through multiple pressings in an impression die a hydraulic press or textured in the rolling mill.  Some of my designs use antique hubs that have been rescued from being scrapped and are thus preserving a rich history of jewelry-making techniques.  Some of the copies of hubs I have originate from Paris, France, Germany, as well as _______ in the U.S.  



 I use a variety of other mediums as well.  The use of metal clays are also common in my workshop.  The micro-fine metal particles that are embedded into a clay binder can be manipulated in just about any shape I dream of, dried to a greenware state, refined and constructed together with other bits of greenware or embedded with high-temperature tolerant gemstones, and then fired in a kiln, resulting in pure metal beauties.  

I grew up in Montana near The Richest Hill On Earth, and so I'm also partial to using copper and other base metals in my designs.  Their rich, warm colors allow for some really beautiful jewelry.

I also find great fascination in gemstones, and many of the stones I use in my designs have been cut, shaped, and polished by me.  Our first trip to Tucson in 2020 was quite bountiful, providing enough rough material for several lines of jewelry that I have planned.  (We had to buy two more suitcases to get it all home!)

All of these methodologies and a few more I have yet to mention culminate in some really captivating jewelry lines, which I am most eager to share with you.  Please take a look around the site, subscribe to be kept updated on new releases and special offers, and feel free to contact me any time with questions.