Merlinite Gemstone Sterling Silver Cuff

Merlinite Gemstone Sterling Silver Cuff

SKU: BRA00019

This gorgeous cuff is part of the Merlinite Collection, borne from our Tucson trip in 2020.  


I've cut and polished the gemstone and set it into sterling silver. This particular stone is comprised of translucent and white quartz with a chevron pattern.  I've set this stone in sterling silver, framed with an interesting line pattern.  The bracelet is embellished with wire-wrapped cracked agate and black beads.


The gemstone measures 26 mm x 17 mm.  The setting of the stone measures ~1.5" x 1 1/4".  The length of the cuff is roughly 6.75", with a 7/8" opening (total just shy of 7.75" circumference) inside diameter  2 3/8" .  (See Sizing Chart Page for helpful sizing tips.)   This would be considered a medium-sized cuff.


A little info about Merlinite:  

Merlinite is also known as dendritic opal or dendritic agate.  It is a 6-7 on the Mohs scale, making it a durable gemstone.  It is found in New Mexico.  Merlinite is a comprised of white or translucent quartz and  black dendritic inclusions, which is formed from  the presence of manganese oxide.


Metaphysically, Merlinite is named for the wizard Merlin and is known for stimulating magical abilities, deep intuition, and recalling past-life.  The black and white nature of the stone is said to help balance yin and yang, masculine and feminite energies, and aid spiritual growth.  


In addition to its metaphysical properties, Merlinite is a symbol of fashion and style, makes a great statement piece. 


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