Sizing Guides

Bracelet/Cuff Sizing

The below information can be used to determine your desired bracelet or cuff size:

Women's Bracelet/Cuff Size

Petite: 7"

Medium: 7-1/2"–8"

Large: 8-1/2"

Plus size: 9"


Men's Bracelet/Cuff Size: 

Small: 8"

Medium: 8-1/2"

Large: 9"

Plus size: 9-1/2"


How to Determine Accurate Bracelet Size: 

To determine bracelet size, you must first determine the wrist size. Measure your wrist below the wrist bone (where you would normally wear your bracelet) using a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper.

If using a plain strip of paper, mark your strip with a pen where the end of the bracelet needs to be. Then measure the paper strip with a ruler. This is the wrist size.


To find the bracelet size, increase the wrist size measurement by the increment below, based on how you want the bracelet to fit:

For a snug fit, add 1/4" to 1/2".

For a comfort fit, add 3/4" to 1".

For a loose fit, add 1-1/4". 


So if your wrist size is 6.5", add about 1" for a comfort fit to total 7.5", which is a size Medium Bracelet/Cuff.


Necklace Size Chart

Necklaces or chains generally come in industry standard lengths.  This handy guide will assist you to select the right necklace length that will best showcase your jewelry, accentuate your best features, suit your body type, and Complete Your Look!

Necklace Size Chart - page 2.jpg

Ring Sizing Guide

Ring sizing is tricky. Finger measurement can vary depending on many factors including time of day and temperature.  It may be best to measure your finger in warm weather when your finger is at its largest.

The most reliable way to figure out your ring size is to take an existing well-fitting ring and place it on a ruler--measure at its widest and use the internal diameter column of the below chart to determine the appropriate size.

Alternatively, use a strip of paper or a string to measure around your finger, mark the point where it overlaps, measure that length, and match it up to the internal circumference column of the chart below.


Note:  When considering a wide band, add ½ size to your measurement.

Even More Important Note:  As ring sizing can be so tricky and to give us both the confidence needed to get you the correct size, I can send you a ring sizer which you can use to measure your finger.  Contact me for details.  

Blue Collet Ring Size Chart for Website.

The pictured ring is 16.5 mm, making it a size 5.75 ring.

Blue Collet Ring for Ring Sizing.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 2.51.52 PM.png